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Shiela Marie is the name. I am travelling trough every page of my life. I'm a dreamer. I can't stay away from the internet. Being me is being real.

I like cute stuffs, talk about being a girl. I'm not really girly. Just like those stuffs. :)

I do more reblogs than original posts. :) Welcome to my life ♥♥♥

So many stressors, challenges, problems, and conflicts have arose this first semster. Now, I’m happy it ha officially ended! Finally, after 3 months of tiresome days, I can rest, sleep, do whatever I want without the limitations set by my schedule. Yea! I can sleep to how long I like to. : : this is total freedom from studies! 

I’ll have a break for academic related things. :) I will just enjoy the breeze of SEM BREAK. I’ll worry my academics next time. :)


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